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Couples Therapy


When relationships start to break down, couples start to feel unhappy and frustrated within certain areas of their life.

Especially when it doesn't matter what changes you make to the dynamics of the relationship the relationship still remains broken, repetitive and stuck from resetting itself.

Couple's therapy can enhance and rejuvenate any relationship which has become dull and stale over a period of time and complacency.

Therapy doesn't need to be actioned solely in a crisis.

I am not there to take sides, I am there to facilitate, ask "the" questions and take part in conversations to help couples recognise and resolve their conflicts. The aim is for each

person to be open for any discussions to take place.

The aim of  couple therapy:

  • Begin or improve the way you relate to each other

  • Identify issues and problems with self or with each other

  • Explore issues surrounding affection and with intimacy

  • Learn how to break poor habits and communicate in a healthier way.

  • Discuss awkward conversations around finances and expectations of co-parenting. Dis

Couple's therapy is £50 for sixty minutes. Longer sessions are available on request. 

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