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For Young Persons, Couples or Individuals
Integrated Counselling & Psychotherapy

Debbie's Counselling room

Looking at this page indicates to me you're feeling stuck, confused, and frustrated with life and situations. Do you feel you are so reactive? and are you're looking to understand these emotions and why certain situations or behaviours trigger you? 

Do you believe no-one cares about you, understands you, and if so, what is the point of staying around and being here?

Are you ready to challenge these thoughts and tackle these behaviours? do you want to reduced these emotions which can make you feel so paralysed at times?


I want to get you to a place where you can relax and just unwind at the end of the day, give yourself permission to take your foot off the accelerator and slow downI want to show you a life where you can have balance and gain back control. A life which is calmer and heathier for those that you love or care for.

Let me have one hour out of your week for you too experience therapy. Counselling is not always about mental health; it's about offloading, and sharing troubles when you don't want to worry others around you. A life which has suddenly become complicated, stressful and consumes your everyday thoughts.

You absolutely deserve to invest and improve your mental health, improve on your well-being and have the time and energy to cultivate the relationships in your life. Do not lose the connections just because at times you feel emotional disconnected.

Together, we can bring change and take the necessary steps to move forward, not only for today but for everyday.

Every day is successful and every day is just as important as yesterday to learn and grow from. Trust the decisions you make, and know that each decision you made, was right for you at the time with all the information that you had. You are managing and coping in stressful situations. It's about measuring and being realistic with what needs to change and what are you in control to change. Keep it simple, we are good at overthinking and complicating situations due to fear and "what if's"

My working hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am -9pm: Saturday 10pm - 5pm: Sunday 10am - 5pm.

Individual counselling £40ph / couple's counselling £50pm / supervision £80 for 90 minutes. 

Sessions for children over the age of 8 years old is £35 and each session last up to 45 minutes. 

Paying for your session is the only way to confirm your booking with me. Until I receive your payment, your appointment is only pencilled in against that availability and held for 36 hours only. Payment details are below. Please note: There is a 24 hour cancellation notice in place, failure to give the required notice you will not receive a refund or reschedule to another date.  

For a greater peace of mind, I am fully insured, and I hold a clean Enhanced DBS. 

Counselling room and qualifications

About Two's-Talking Counselling Service


Two's-Talking is an professional established counselling service, one which is renowned for it's confidentially and genuine warmth for clients. Two's-Talking has an office in Exeter, at the Basepoint Business Centre, on the Marsh Barton Trading Estate, Yeoford Way. EX2 8LB.

The main driver for Two's-Talking Counselling, is for "any person(s) to have access to therapy, at a time when they need it most."

Having a positive space to stop and think often changes the direction of your life. Therapy allows you to press pause on negative thoughts and put in place positive actions. You have the power and have the control to change your life. Staying in the same position for to long is unhealthy and ineffective.

We tend to view life like it's black and white, but in reality it runs smoothly in any shade of grey. We should learn how to negotiate, compromise and be more flexible within ourselves and with others around us. Life can be simplified and stripped back, it's a choice and a choice which you chose to make. Debbie, the owner of Two's-Talking Counselling Service has dedicated her life to Mental Health and the Social Care Sector for over 30 years. Debbie has overcome and survives addiction, she has had periods within her life where she has experienced what it was like to struggle and go without food to pay her bills. Debbie has worked incredibly hard to be where she is today and where she wants to be tomorrow. Debbie views every day as a new day and by allowing herself to have compassion and empathy allows her to be the change she wants to see in the world for today, tomorrow and every day. The strength and reflection she has learnt and gained from personal growth, Debbie shares with others. She is proud to be the person she is and most importantly, be the therapist whom you see today. Her expectations are realistic and most importantly, they're achievable. Debbie needs and gives self-strokes in order to feel she is winning, and this is the core message and freestyle of her therapy. Debbie wants you to see some point during your day, you are winning and you are indeed smashing down those barriers that you or others put in your life.


You are good enough to be you, and that's all you need to be. 


Debbie is passionate about being true to herself and being a cheerleader and advocate for adults and children who seek help and understanding. Debbie includes everyone - her service is accepting, genuine and kind. Debbie does not hide behind books and theories. She is down to earth and has learnt a lot through life and through personal hardship. Hardships which used to be her judgements and shame which held her to ransom for years. Debbie can be candid and outspoken and is very different from most therapists. The bottom line , Debbie wants to imprint on your life and her goal, and her aim is for you to still hear her voice, long after your sessions have ended. Debbie strives to work from her heart, she will work above and beyond. The working relationship between her and you "the client" is paramount for her.

Debbie provides counselling in person, online or from a telephone service. This service can be short or long term therapy. You can be local or based anywhere in the UK. Please don't limit yourself by the miles around you.


The car park is free for the first hour and then you must pay for parking (£2) a fine of £100 if you get caught out. There is a bus service from the city centre (Bus B) which stops up the road by Caroline's burger van. The Basepoint business centre is further down on your left.


Don't let life drag you down, step away from the edge and live a life that's worth living. 

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Types of therapy

Supervision for Counsellors or Trainee Counsellors.

Person-Centred - Humanistic and Integrative Counselling (Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling)

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Diploma in Children and Young People

Clients I work with

Counsellors, Trainee Counsellors, Adults, Young People, Couples, EAP, Families, Groups, Older Adults, Emergency Services, Professional Practitioners and Organisations.

How I deliver therapy

In person sessions, on-line using Skype or Zoom. or a telephone service.

Counselling room in Exeter
Therapy area Exeter
Peaceful counselling space
Counselling / Therapy tools
Therapy room Exeter
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