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At the moment counselling sessions will be conducted remotely. This can be carried out via Skype, being online,    e-mail or a telephone service. I have an office at home which I can still guarantee  you 100% confidentiality.

Remember, in the great time line of life this will be short term and we will beat this virus.

It's about taking control accepting the situation and adapting to how we need to live right now. How we can be busy and be creative? and use what we can in order to function safely. Being patient and being kind to each other.

I want counselling to be affordable for all, regardless of your situation and of your budget. I have a sliding payment system and with Covid-19, I have introduced a new service.

I am offering all key workers a right to counselling with a reduced fee for unlimited sessions - long term.

Any young person who worries about their parents or their main care giver, putting their life on the line to save others will also be entitled to receiving the same reduced fee but only for eight sessions.


Hello, my name is Debbie and I would like the chance for us to work together.

Why choose me? Because I know I can help you. There is nothing about you, which will stop me wanting to work with you. I want to hear what you have to say and how that makes you feel.

There will be no secrets, you have a voice and are totally free to talk openly and honestly at all times. I will not judge you. I will accept you and I will hold all of you.

I can help you with and not limited too: any kind of domestic abuse - past or present, different levels or affects of depression & anxiety, bereavement from either an illness, accident or from suicide, OCD, struggles with being a carer, work related stress, panic disorders, couples therapy and now the effects and pressure of Covid-19. 

If it is affecting you, we need to talk.

The umbrella of Mental Health can dismantle you from within. Bereavement may leave you feeling isolated and alone especially if the bereavement relates to children or from a death which was sudden and unexpected. Even a complicated death can leave a mark.

Let me have one hour of your week. I am here for you, and truthfully, that's all you really need.



Two's-Talking is a well established counselling service, it has been practicing in Exeter and North Devon now for two years. Due to the affects of Covid-19 here and all around the world. Two’s-Talking has just started to engage with individuals who are outside of the United Kingdom through writing. This is a free service where an individual can express their fears about life and not having any control. It is not counselling service, it is space where they can write and explore emotions and then simply, send and walk away. This opportunity is about opening up a door where they are met with kindness and they are free to explore through writing. Having a positive space can change your day, or even change your direction.

Two’s-Talking is a professional service one which is renowned for its confidentially and warmth towards their clients. This commitment extends outside of the counselling sessions.

Two's-Talking works to a high standard which has lead to an impressive reputation not only from the clients who walk through our doors but from fellow counsellors who Debbie interacts with during her CPD training days.

Debbie Lavinchi is the owner of Two's-Talking, she has dedicated her life to Mental Health and Social Care Sector for over 30 years.

Debbie is compassionate and is a genuine advocate for the disadvantaged and vulnerable adults within any community in any country.

Debbie is down to earth and adores colour. From the colour in her hair, to the clothes that she wears, even her tattoos are colourful. 

Debbie works from the heart and will often work above and beyond. This has been noted as a common thread in the feedback from clients.

Debbie practices what she preaches and in her spare time, Debbie volunteers for three charities in order to guarantee her idea of counselling is available and is affordable for all and for anyone at any time, when they need it most.

Talking therapy works, let me have one hour out of your week and let me help you change your life.


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Debbie Lavinchi MBACP. MNCS. (Accred.)

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