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How many of you couldn't wait for 1st January 2020 to start? A new year full of hopes and dreams. The excitement of booking this years holiday, joining dating sites, meeting friends - going to pubs clubs or having nice meals out in restaurants.

Coronavirus came along and all that stopped one by one.

Life as we once knew it has changed, and we all have had to adapt and make some changes along the way. Due to Covid-19 and local lockdowns it was wise for me to start working remotely, and still offer to work face to face. To give the clients the choice of how you had your therapy safely delivered to you and in the right environment. This has given me a chance to truly operate a bespoke service, a service for couples or individuals who live anywhere within the United Kingdom.

People can now choose if they wish to wait on NHS waiting list, or if you have a disability and it's difficult in getting out. Even being a single parent to young children shouldn't stop you from having therapy due to babysitting arrangements.

I will simply arrange your session when they're in bed. 

Thanks to covid-19, I have made the choice to commit and be more flexible in order to suit your needs. I have tried to remove the barriers so you have a choice who you see and at a time which it suits you most.

2020, has changed many relationships, and for most of us, our lives have now changed forever.

I am inviting you to tackle your fears, talk about your problems or relationships. Together we can find ways how you manage your mental health. You deserve a better life now, always and forever.

Free you and be stronger person in the world that lives around you.


Are you ready to tackle 2020/2021? 

Do you seek change? Do you want to manage your life and be happy?

Fill in the contact page, I will answer you within 12 hours and you will have a session within seven days. You can take control and be free. 



Looking at this page indicates to me you are looking for some help, you're tired and you want life to change. 

Reaching out informs me you are in pain and your life is hurting you and others around you.

You want the sadness to stop and you want to take control.

Life is supposed to be funny, too have silly moments dotted about.

I want you to have a choices and I want you to feel balanced - life is about equal balance. 

For £30, let me have one hour each week for you to have therapy. For you to talk and have someone there who will listen and support what you have to say.

Invest in you, in your mental health and the relationships around you. Together, we can bring change and you can take tiny steps moving forward trusting you. No one knows you better than you know yourself.



Two's-Talking is a well established counselling service, it has been practicing in the United Kingdom for over three years. Two's-Talking has an office in Exeter and is committed in the belief that any person should have access to therapy.

Having a positive space can change your day or even the direction in your life.

Two’s-Talking is a professional service one which is renowned for its confidentially and genuine warmth towards their clients. Whether that's face to face, on-line or via a telephone service, their commitment extends outside of the counselling space between sessions if agreed by both parties - life is not black and white. Sometimes it's grey and we all have to be flexible. 

Debbie is the owner of Two's-Talking, she has dedicated her life to Mental Health and Social Care Sector for over 30 years.

Debbie is compassionate and genuine, Debbie uses basic communication and also advocates for the disadvantaged and vulnerable adults in society.

Debbie is down to earth and adores colour. The colour drips from the top of her head down to the clothes that she wears, even her tattoos have colour. 

Debbie often works from the heart and will work above and beyond. This has been the common thread from the feedback left from her clients on

Debbie practices what she preaches, and in her spare time Debbie volunteers for three charities in order to guarantee her idea and goal of counselling is available for all and for anyone at any time when they need it most.

If you are looking for a therapist who you can understand, the framework is not complicated, and with no hidden costs, Two's-Talking is the practice for you. 


Types of therapy

 Humanistic, Integrative, and Person-Centred.

Clients I work with

Trainee Counsellors, Adults, Young People, Couples, EAP, Families, Groups, Older Adults, Emergency Services, Professional Practitioners and Organisations.

How I deliver therapy

Home Visits. Face to Face - Long Term or Short Term. On-Line. E-mail. Telephone. Skype


Contact Me

If you have any questions, please ask me.

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Debbie Lavinchi MBACP. MNCS. (Accred.)

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