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North Devon

Due to varying local restrictions it was clear that I needed to make changes in how I ran my therapy service. This included the need for on-line counselling as well as a telephone service.

I wanted to give you - the client, a choice of how you received your therapy, and still practice within the safest environment. This has given me a chance to truly operate a bespoke service for couples or individuals who live anywhere within the United Kingdom.

You have a choice to either wait on a NHS waiting list, or pay privately.

Running this service has helped all members of the community: Clients who are from different cultures and need discretion, working professionals on high pay grades, shift workers with irregular hours, members of the community who are housebound and/or have a disability, single parents who may struggle with funding childcare.

Thanks to 2020, I made the choice to commit and be more flexible in order to suit your needs. I have tried to remove all barriers in order for you have a choice. A choice of who you see in the UK and at a time which it suits you most.

2020 changed many relationships, and for most of us our lives changed forever. 

I am inviting you to tackle your fears, talk about your problems and struggles within your relationships. Together we will find ways how you can manage your life with any issues or mental health conditions. You deserve to be free, and be a stronger person in the world around you. 


Looking at this page indicates to me you are tired, and want some support to an understand your life. 

Reaching out informs me you are in pain, your life right now is not only hurting you but the people around you.

You want the sadness to stop and you want to take control.

Life is supposed to be funny, to have silly moments dotted about. Life is about being free not feeling trapped.

I want you to feel balanced, to have an equal balance. 

From £30, let me have one hour out of your week for you to have "personalised therapy". You will talk and I will listen and support you with what you have to say.

Invest in yourself, invest in your mental health and invest in your relationships.

Together, we can bring change and you can take the tiny steps which are needed in moving forward today and every day. Learn to trust the decisions you make . No one knows you better than you know yourself.

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Two's-Talking is an established counselling service. It has been practicing in the United Kingdom for over three years. Two's-Talking has an office in Exeter and strives for "any person to have access to therapy, at a time when they need it most."

Having a positive space can change your day, even the direction your life is going.

Two’s-Talking is a professional service, one which is renowned for its confidentially and genuine warmth towards their clients. Life is not black and white, it's mostly grey and we all need to learn to be flexible. 

I have dedicated my life to Mental Health and the Social Care Sector for over 30 years. I have overcome addiction and worked hard to be where I am today.

I am compassionate, and a strong advocate for the disadvantaged and at risk adults in todays society. 

I will work from the heart and will work above and beyond. This has been shown in the feedback left from clients on

If you are looking for a therapist who you can understand, Two's-Talking is the practice for you. I can support you with depression, anxiety, bereavement, anger, addictions, stress, relationships, mental health and couple work.


Types of therapy

 Humanistic, Integrative, and Person-Centred.

Clients I work with

Trainee Counsellors, Adults, Young People, Couples, EAP, Families, Groups, Older Adults, Emergency Services, Professional Practitioners and Organisations.

How I deliver therapy

Home Visits. Face to Face - Long Term or Short Term. On-Line. E-mail. Telephone. Skype

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