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Counselling for couples or individuals

Looking at this page indicates to me you are tired, frustrated and want some support to change and understand your behaviours. Seeking help informs me you're in pain, and how you are living your life right now is hurting you and is impacting on the people around you.

Are you ready for this sadness to stop? do you want to take control of your choices and challenge your unhealthy thinking style? and be the best person that you can be?

I want you to feel balanced, to have a balance that equals your families, your friends, and any connections at work or within social clubs. 

Let me have one hour out of your week for you to experience some genuine "personalised therapy"

Invest in yourself, invest in your mental health and invest in your relationships.

Together, we can bring change and you can take the steps which are needed in moving forward, not only for today, but every day.


Learn to trust the decisions you make, No-one knows you better than you know yourself.

Individual Counselling £35, Couples Counselling £45 for one hour.


07391 544 924

About Two's-Talking Counselling Service


Two's-Talking is an established counselling service. It has been practicing in the United Kingdom for nearly four years.

I have an office in Exeter on the Marsh Barton Trading Estate, Yeoford Way. EX2 8LB.

The main driver for Two's-Talking, is for "any person(s) to have access to therapy, at a time when they need it most."

Having a positive space to talk and think can change your day, your thoughts, and in some cases - the very direction of your life.

Two’s-Talking is a professional service, one which is renowned for its confidentially and genuine warmth towards their clients. Life is not always black and white, it is mostly grey and we need to know how to negotiate, compromise and be flexible. 

I have dedicated my life to Mental Health and the Social Care Sector for over 30 years. I have overcome and I survive addiction every day. I have daily battles surrounding my insecurities with dyslexia, but I work incredibly hard to be where I am today and where I need to be tomorrow. What I learn for and from myself, I always share with others.

I am proud to be the person I am today. I am not perfect and nor do I want to be.


I am a compassionate therapist,  I am passionate about being true to myself and being a strong advocate for adults who are most at risk in todays society. 

I strive to work from my heart and I will often work above and beyond. This has been shown by the generous feedback left from past and present clients on Yell.com and these comments have been transferred over to this website.


If you are looking for a therapist who you can understand, Two's-Talking counselling service is for you. I will support you with issues linked to depression, anxiety, bereavement, anger, addictions, stress, relationships, mental health and couples therapy. 

I provide face to face counselling, online counselling, and a telephone service. This service can be for short term or long term therapy. You can be local or based anywhere in the UK. Don't limit yourself by the miles around you.


There is a free car park or a bus service (Bus B) which stops just up the road from the BasePoint Business Centre.


Types of therapy

 Humanistic, Integrative, and Person-Centred.

Clients I work with

Trainee Counsellors, Adults, Young People, Couples, EAP, Families, Groups, Older Adults, Emergency Services, Professional Practitioners and Organisations.

How I deliver therapy

Home Visits. Face to Face - Long Term or Short Term. On-Line. E-mail. Telephone. Skype

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